V2X Road Side Unit.

Rugged field-tested 5G-enabled device for sensors data processing and forwarding

LINKS RSU is a hybrid C-ITS and sensor data router supporting 5G connectivity and both ITS-G5 or C-V2x short-range communications. The software on the RSU is modular and can be easily managed using a flexible approach based on orchestration. The solution can host third-parties containerized applications that can easily interact through RESTful APIs with the ITS communication stack developed by LINKS and allows for remote monitoring and managing through a graphical dashboard. It supports a camera and a LiDAR that are used to gather information from the surroundings. It can automatically detect, track, and predict the movements of vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRUs) and provide various statistics such as vehicle classification and counting, etc. It is designed to provide the main services from Day 1 to Day 3 in a reliable and secure way.


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Value proposition.

  • Ready-to-use camera and LiDAR
  • On-board and/or edge-level data processing
  • Modular solution
  • Applications for Cooperative Mobility
  • Part of LINKS Vehicular Communication Ecosystem
  • Made in Italy

Application areas.

  • Increase road safety
  • Improve urban logistics efficiency and social welfare
  • Enhance economic productivity
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Transform public agency operations