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Building on the skills available within the various work teams, the function dedicated to Artificial Intelligence aims to horizontally aggregate the specialists of this sector – and more specifically of some vertical sub-domains such as machine learning, processing of natural language and semantic processing of information from heterogeneous sources – providing opportunities for meeting, dialogue, information circulation and collaboration within the Foundation. Coordinating widespread knowledge and information is particularly useful in a scenario characterized by a high number of application domains in which artificial intelligence has shown it can offer significant support. Using machine learning techniques, natural language and image analysis it is possible to create sophisticated decision support systems or innovative services with a high level of customization.

To support this organizational and technological challenge, the function realizes cross-domain activities, dedicated to all the researchers who work on the issues mentioned above to favor the deepening of skills.

The actions implemented aim to facilitate mutual knowledge and comparison on scientific and technological issues, as well as to foster the generation of synergies between the different LINKS’ teams, coordinating at the same time the relationship with the experts of the Polytechnic.

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