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The research team leverages a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and skills. Specifically, the group consists of industrial, IT, cinema and materials engineers, as well as economists. Furthermore, 75% of the team holds a PhD, an experience that contributed to provide depth to domain-specific skills and to strengthen methodological approaches. During almost twenty years of activity, the group has built an internationally recognized reputation in terms of strategic support to innovation, impact assessment of public policies, data exploitation through intelligent agents and design of user centered solutions.

The Area supports public and private decision makers in the exploitation of information and telecommunications technologies as a strategic lever for sustainable development, using an interdisciplinary approach, oriented to the generation of value for private actors and for society. The research group carries out a strategic support and technological innovation activity addressed to companies, public bodies and the third sector.

The research activity carried out aims at promoting innovation in the process of data valorization, with a dual focus on business models and technology. In particular, the investigation activity is aimed at clarifying how new business models can be connected with the introduction of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, for the generation of competitive advantage and impact on society.

More specifically, decentralized technologies are considered as a tool to enable new entrepreneurial modalities (Decentralized Autonomous Organization, DAO), innovation financing (Initial Coin Offering, ICO, Initial Exchange Offering, IEO and Security Token Offering, STO) and for leveraging communities as competitive advantage. The activity on artificial intelligence focuses, for its part, on understanding and analyzing natural language, customizing answers and empathic communication.

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