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Composed of graduates in engineering, architecture, international sciences and medicine, the multidisciplinary research team has many years of experience in designing, developing and managing of research and innovation projects in the field of Circular Economy, Environmental and Social Sustainability and Well-being.

Thanks to key competences in engineering (computer science, electronic and biomedical), service design and the support of public and private institutions, third sector associations and user associations, the Research Area implement local, national and international projects in the scope of domains of interest and respective scientific areas.

The research’s aim is to deepen methodologies and technologies supporting consumption patterns and lifestyles to ensure a more sustainable future. Specifically, the group aims at contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2030 Agenda, in particular regarding good health and well-being (goal 3) and sustainable consumption and production (goal 12).

The team investigates circular economy, intended as an alternative pattern vis-à-vis the "linear" economic model that is able to improve the efficient use of resources and production systems, redefining the possibilities of growth, at the same time ensuring a greater social well-being and facing inequalities, through an integrated vision of nowadays great challenges such as climate change, waste of resources and deterioration of the environment.

Some of the activities are also dedicated to well-being, through projects that intend to analyze and improve the well-being of individuals and promote social inclusion, also looking at possible ICT applications in the fields of sport, rehabilitation and cognitive activities.

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