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Composed of transport and environmental engineers, mathematicians and spatial planners, the team has refined over time specific skills in the fields of public transport, multimodality and Mobility-as-a-Service; sustainable, electric, shared and autonomous urban mobility; Intelligent Transport Systems and intermodal freight transport.

The team supports companies and public administrations to bring innovation and sustainability in the field of people mobility and freight transport, through a multidisciplinary approach.

The research is aimed at developing topics concerning transport planning (Regional Transportation Plans, Urban Plans for Sustainable Mobility), transport modeling and optimization (predictive models for mobility, traffic models, optimization of logistics systems), analysis of mobility behavior and the estimation of transport impacts.

The team is able to follow the entire process of applying innovation to transport: from analysis and specialized studies, to supporting the definition of interventions and policies in a participatory way, to the modeling and simulation of scenarios, up to the estimation of impacts and to the support to the experimentation of innovative practices and technologies.

The team is part of a wider ecosystem of sustainable mobility: stable collaborations with the Politecnico di Torino within ICELab, with the Piedmont Region and with the City of Turin (Torino City Lab) and participation in international networks and alliances have been underway for years.

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