Thesis Code: 19012
Thesis Type: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Cyber Range

Research Area: Cybersecurity


  • Experience with Distributed Systems and Applications
  • Experience with Virtualization and System Administration
  • Knowledge of Defensive and Offensive Cybersecurity
  • Basic knowledge of Cybersecurity Exercises (Red and Blue Teams)
  • Curiosity-driven mindset

A cyber range [1] is an interacting, simulated representation of real-world systems used for training IT and cybersecurity professionals, assessing incident response processes, and testing new technologies. A cyber range recreates the experience of responding to a cyber-attack by replicating the security operations center (SOC) environment, the organizational network, and the attack itself. As a result, a cyber range enables hands-on training in a controlled and secure environment.
The thesis will be structured as follows:

  • state-of-the-art analysis of existing cyber ranges;
  • design of a reference architecture of a cyber range;
  • first small-scale implementation of the cyber range;
  • testing and validation.


  1. NIST, Cyber Ranges; available at:

Contact: send a resume with attached the list of exams to  specifying the thesis code and title.