Thesis Code: 22007

Thesis Type: Master Thesis for Computer Engineering, ICT for Smart Societies, Telecommunication Engineering or related fields

Research Area: Connected Systems and Cybersecurity

• Excellent software programming skills
• Strong experience with Python/bash scripting and Linux environment
• Strong Experience with C/C++ programming languages
• Knowledge of network simulators

Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) is one of the most complex and interesting topics in the ICT landscape. One of the main challenges for the CCAM is testing newly developed applications and services. The availability of autonomous and connected vehicles together with a safe physical testing area prevents performing effectively pre-testing of new services. The availability of a virtual simulation framework can ease the development and validation process of new CCAM applications.

The aim of the thesis is to develop a virtualized vehicle simulation framework to be used for testing CCAM applications. The framework will include a virtual On-Board Unit that provides the vehicle-side features. This module will be connected to cloud infrastructure services through a simulated 5G mobile network.

The first part of the thesis will be devoted to identifying the best approaches for building the virtual module implementing the vehicle’s On-Board Unit. Furthermore, the student will analyse the panorama of open-source projects that provide a 5G mobile network simulation framework. The second part of the thesis will focus on the real implementation of the virtualized vehicle simulation framework including the integration of the 5G mobile network simulator. The overall framework will be tested within the framework of a European research project.

The student will have the possibility to work in an informal cutting-edge research laboratory using the latest available technologies in the CCAM field.

Contact: send a resume with attached the list of exams and related scores to specifying the thesis code and title.