Thesis Code: 19010
Thesis Type: Master Thesis for Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Physic Engineering

Research Area: Advanced Computing & Applications


  • MS students in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Physic Engineering
  • Experience with main programming languages (Python, C/C++), algorithms

The pace at which silicon-based computer architectures are evolving is making transistors’ size reaching physical limits. However, to continue increasing processing capabilities, other approaches are researched. Among the others, Quantum Computing technologies represent a fully disruptive departure from traditional way of thinking computer architectures and their algorithms. Quantum computers are expected to solve large complex problems that are not addressable with current and future supercomputers. Many Quantum Algorithms (QAs) have the potential of exponential speed-up compared to their classical counterpart and are thus of primary interest for exploiting the capability of future quantum machines.
The objective of the work is to study the applicability of Quantum Algorithms (e.g., Shor, quantum Fourier Transform – QFT, Grove, etc.) to complex and relevant problems we are facing in scientific and engineering fields (e.g., bioinformatics, optimization problems, etc.). The thesis work will be oriented on using IBM QX and D-Wave platforms, although further platforms will also be considered.

Contact: Send CV to and specifying the thesis code and title.