Thesis Code: 16004
Research Area: Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions

● MS students in Electronic Engineering/Computer Science or equivalent
● Experience with main programming languages (C/C++)
● Good knowledge of image processing techniques

The new MPEG Compact Descriptor for Visual Search (CDVS) standard allows to significantly compress the key-points of an image in order to allow the processor to deal with much less information thus efficiently perform data analysis and matching. Deriving the key-point for an image allows comparison, storage and retrieval in a faster way in image-based applications where speed and efficiency are required features. The objective of this work is to explore how this new standard can improve biometric analysis. The student will study the framework of MPEG CDVS to understand how the keypoints for biometric images are generated. As a possible application, images of fingerprints and/or retina will be analyzed and an architecture encompassing fingerprint matching will be developed.

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