Accelerate Competitiveness.

In a context of epochal change, involving economic and social relations, the market, and the roles of various local, national and international public and private institutions, the LINKS Foundation cannot allowing itself to interact with the outside world without taking into account the evolving scenario. It is essential: i) to read and understand the new needs of the main (new and former) stakeholders of LINKS; and ii) to provide, in part, the Governance body, but, above all, the Research Divisions with all the information and tools to define a coordinated strategy that meets these needs, bringing in orders and projects for funded research or commissioned research. It is this common strategy that will allow us to react and relaunch activities in the scenario of economic crisis and growing difficulties in winning research projects funded through the new FP9 (Horizon Europe) framework programme, a strategy based on the two fundamental pillars for LINKS: scientific excellence, and impact on the market and society. The objective must fulfil the missions of the Strategic Marketing, Technology Transfer and Joint Planning Accelerators, with the clear purpose of supporting the Research Divisions, in order to maintain and increase volumes of funded or commissioned (or so- called “commercial”) research projects. – Strategic Marketing must identify “reference markets”, that is the intersection of the segments of solutions satisfying the needs and interests of LINKS stakeholders with the “market products” of LINKS, or the solutions, products, services and results that the Foundation has generated. From this listening to the market also comes the input of strategic orientation of issues to be addressed, which Strategic Marketing shares with the Research Divisions, in order to orient their work. – The Technology Transfer Accelerator is responsible for bringing innovation into companies, through the process of technology transfer, from the creation and management of project results (e.g. KER) through to dissemination and exploitation actions and the creation of business models. The main purpose of this mission is the leveraging of funded research, in strong collaboration with Strategic Marketing and with the Business Model and Policy Innovation Manager, but also the creation of intellectual property and its sale to the market. – Joint Planning aims to define, propose and implement a planning strategy, plan and activities that seize the opportunities of the reference market identified by Strategic Marketing, taking into account available, but also potentially created, resources and skills. The mission will also have the objective of providing support for the development of projects, particularly Horizon Europe, but also ESA, EDF and other tools, guaranteeing a strong standard of quality within LINKS, without prejudice to the main role of the centres in the development, writing and supply of technical concepts. These three pillars will be key tools in the hands of Governance to carry out, through its organizational structures, the coordination of research, development and innovation in areas relating to the reference markets of industry and services. The Accelerate Competitiveness Objective will have strong added value in identifying opportunities for both funded and commissioned research, in the structuring of offers, and will also be able to contribute to execution, by monitoring commitment on funded projects.