Accelerate the Common Good.

The Accelerate the Common Good objective supports the Territorial activity, addressing primarily institutions and public administrations, intermediate bodies, non-profit organizations, the voluntary and community sector, and cultural entities.
In particular, the objective is to support these bodies that are committed to meeting the innovation, digital transformation and process challenge. It is a great opportunity to invent new ways of working, creating culture, and promoting the adoption of healthy and inclusive lifestyles, with a view to the common good. All the public, social and non-profit sectors are called to participate in a transformation of processes and services, whatever their mission, size or organizational form.
The Objective also has the task of using the results of the research carried out by the Research Divisions to translate it into applications for the above-mentioned bodies, bringing them prospects of innovation.
The Objective will, therefore, create a “deal flow”, a pipeline of opportunities and occasions for collaboration and engagement these stakeholders.