Creative Industries.

The cultural and creative sectors work an important role in the continuous development of society and are the centre of creative economy. With high knowledge intensity and based upon individual creativity and talent, they produce notable economic wealth. More importantly, they are fundamental for a shared sense of European identity, culture and values. Looking from an economic perspective, they show an above average growth and create jobs – especially for young people – strengthening social cohesion.

LINKS Foundation supports the creative world, constantly listening to the needs for innovation regarding those sectors whose activities are based on cultural values or other individual or collective creative artistic expressions, and cultural and creative enterprises, that include all phases of the value chain, production and diffusion phases of industrial and manufacturing operations included.

The ongoing digital revolution is a big opportunity for these sectors too since it allows for new and innovative forms of artistic creation and a wider access to culture and heritage.

LINKS provides competences, experiences and resources in order to apply the most recent digital technology to these sectors and stimulate new scientific approaches, create synergies strengthening complementarity, with the objective of notably improving comprehension, conservation and diffusion of cultural heritage and more generally in the cultural and creative sector.