The H2020 VITIGEOSS project has just started! The main scope of the project is to empower the potential of EO Systems by creating an innovative commercial information delivery to optimize sustainable vine cultivation via decision support systems (DSS) on phenology, irrigation, fertilizer, disease and business operations management.

Satellites imagery will be combined with other data sources such as in-field measurements, models and best practices to build up an integrated but modular management tool covering the most critical operations of the business, including sustainability aspects to align the outcomes with UN SDG´s, which will directly welfare population living in rural communities around wine producers’ locations.

Claudio Rossi, from Data Science for Industrial & Societal Applications Area, is the technical coordinator and quality manager of the project and the Area will also realize Data Driven Services using Artificial Intelligence coupling heterogeneous data such as satellite data from Copernicus Sentinels, in-field observations, and forecast models.