Thesis Code: 24015

Thesis Type: Master’s Degree Thesis in Systemic Design, or similar

Research Area: Extended Reality Lab (XR Lab) – Innovation in Culture, Society and Public Administration


  • Foundations of User Experience Design
  • Foundations of System and Service Design


The thesis proposal is part of a project aimed at developing a city in the Metaverse, an immersive and interactive virtual environment conceived as a convergence point for organizations operating in the cultural world (including live entertainment).

The main objective of this project is to explore the multiple possibilities offered by the Metaverse to the involved organizations, allowing them to use this platform as a tool to promote their projects, establish collaborations, and create innovative artistic content and performances. The Metaverse will represent a dynamic and flexible space where organizations can interact with their audience in completely new and engaging ways, expanding communication and engagement opportunities.

Specifically, the candidate will be involved in supporting the co-design and Design Thinking process of the city in the Metaverse along with the involved organizations. This will involve planning focus groups and technical workshops aimed at defining the city concept, user experience, and creating a detailed map that includes the public and private locations of various organizations.

START DATE: 09/2024


Send a resume with attached the list of exam to specifying the thesis code and title.