Thesis Code: 20017

Thesis Type: Master Thesis for Telecommunication/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or equivalent

 Research Area: Advanced Computing and Applications


  • MS students in Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or equivalent
  • Experience with main programming languages (Python/Matlab /Fortran/C/C++)
  • Basic knowledge of EM fields and wave propagation
  • Basic knowledge of numerical methods for ODEs integration


The link communication from/to satellite, re-entry or space vehicles is often subject to degradation known as black-out. To assess this issue, radio frequency (RF) wave propagation through complex media [1] (such ionosphere, plasmas and complex gas mixtures) must be considered. Asymptotic techniques such as ray or beam tracing [2] can be used to predict EM propagation in these inhomogeneous media. Coupled with integral equations for free-space radiation they provide a powerful numerical tool to design antennas for critical applications.

This thesis aims to develop and improve both physical model and numerics of the exiting tools in order to improve accuracy and range of applications for RF complex media propagation. The improved model will be applied in the analysis of communication link of real re-entry vehicle in earth or extra-terrestrial atmosphere. 





  1. A. Kravtsov, Y.I. Orlov, “Geometrical Optics of Inhomogeneous Media”, In: Springer Serie on Wave Phenomena, vol 6, Springer, Berlin 1990.
  2. Kim and L. Ling, “Electromagnetic Scattering by Inhomogeneous Object by Ray Tracing” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat., Vol. 40 No.5 May 1992.


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