Thesis Code: 24014

Thesis Type: Master’s Degree Thesis in Computer Engineering, Cinema and Media Engineering, or similar

Research Area: Extended Reality Lab (XR Lab) – Innovation in Culture, Society and Public Administration


  • Knowledge of C#
  • Development experience with Unity
  • 3D modeling and animation experience with Blender


The thesis proposal focuses on the design and development of a virtual reality (VR) simulation aimed at training civilian operators, particularly police officers. The candidate will be tasked with creating a  simulation that includes different training scenarios set in an urban context.

The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the entire software lifecycle, which includes the following phases:

  • Storyboard Definition and Validation: The candidate will work closely with police operator representatives to define and validate a detailed storyboard. The storyboard will serve as a guide for simulation development and should align with the needs and operational procedures of the operators.
  • Creation of 3D Assets with Blender: Using Blender software, the candidate will be responsible for creating all necessary 3D assets for the simulation. These assets will include building models, vehicles, urban objects, and characters relevant to the training scenarios.
  • Application Development with Unity: Using the Unity game engine, the candidate will program and develop the VR simulation application. This will include implementing 3D assets created with Blender, creating intuitive user interfaces, and programming engaging and realistic training scenarios.
  • Software Testing and Validation: Once the application development is complete, the candidate will conduct a series of tests to ensure that the simulation functions properly and is effective for training purposes

START DATE: 09/2024

Send a resume with attached the list of exam to specifying the thesis code and title.