MUV levers behavioural change in local communities using an innovative approach to improve urban mobility: changing citizens’ habits through a game that mixes digital and physical experiences. Rather than focus on costly and rapidly ageing urban infrastructures, MUV promotes a shift towards more sustainable and healthy mobility choices by engaging in a positive way local communities, local businesses, policymakers and Open Data enthusiasts.



TCBL uses European T&C industry as test-bed for evolutionary-driven co-design, dynamic optimization and deployment of business models. The project provides a brand-new business experimentation framework leveraging a network of business labs that will be set up throughout Europe based on 3 key variations: Design Labs (creating emotionally-oriented immaterial value), Making Labs (converting skilled labor into material value), and Place Labs (generating spatial community and socially-oriented value).



CEDUS stands for City Enabler for Digital Urban Services and aims at developing a commercial-grade non-intrusive, open and cross-sector platform for data discovery, management and exploitation CEDUS allows urban service providers (public and private) and the local governments actively collaborate to extract value from integrated urban knowledge bases.



The main objective of BigDataOcean is to enable maritime big data scenarios for EU-based companies, organisations and scientists, through a multi-segment platform that will combine data of different velocity, variety and volume under an inter-linked, trusted, multilingual engine to produce a big-data repository of value and veracity back to the participants and local communities.



FREME aims at building an open innovative commercial-grade framework of e-services for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital contents. By leveraging a wealth of existing linked open data sources to enable an unprecedented array of multilingual applications, FREME aspires to unleash positive and lasting impact on EU businesses of the ‘data value chain’.