Thesis Code: 20014

 Thesis Type: Master Thesis for Telecommunication/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or equivalent

 Research Area: Advanced Computing and Applications


  • MS students in Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent
  • Experience with main programming languages (Matlab /Fortran/C/C++)
  • Basic knowledge of EM fields
  • Good knowledge of linear algebra and linear systems

Solutions to Maxwell’s equations are known only for a few simple geometries; this is where the scientific discipline known as Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) comes into play, aiming at a numerical solution of the equation in presence of non-trivial geometries/materials.

The thesis aims at developing fast and efficient algorithms for the solution of Maxwell’s equations, with special attention to:

  1. large patch antenna arrays
  2. large and complex structures (e.g., satellites, aircrafts, etc.)


Contact: send a resume with attached the list of exams to specifying the thesis code and title.