Advanced Computing, Photonics & Electromagnetics.

The Advanced Computing, Photonics & Electromagnetics division is concerned with innovative computational technologies, such as so-called “computing continuum” applications, high-performance computing (HPC), and Quantum Computing. Specifically, the research is focused on the integration of hardware and software with high-performance computing and communications aspects.
The team also works on photonic technologies in the development of innovative optical fibres, and the identification of new technological paradigms and applications of photonics, and is responsible for the photonics laboratory born from the ten-year collaboration of LINKS with the PhotoNext interdepartmental research centre.
The research division will also integrate modelling activities aimed at the design and prototyping of unconventional high-performance antennas, the development of electromagnetic simulation software for electrically complex structures, especially in terms of size (requiring fast solutions in terms of computation time), and the study of antenna diagnostics and measurement systems.
The aforementioned topics are certainly pervasive and enabling in many application domains, but find a natural, strong application domain in the aeronautics, space and defence industries.
The division is also responsible for the new electronics and rapid prototyping laboratory, E2PLab, given its strong competence in antenna prototyping, and the laboratory is at the service not only of all LINKS researchers, but also of the local innovation ecosystem.