V2X Road Side Unit.

Rugged field-tested 5G-enabled device for sensors data processing and forwarding

The Road Side Unit (RSU) plays a pivotal role in modern transportation systems, serving as a crucial link between vehicles and infrastructure. LINKS RSU stands out as a hybrid C-ITS and sensor data router, boasting 5G connectivity along with support for both ITS-G5 and C-V2X short-range communications. Its software architecture is designed to be modular, allowing for easy management through a flexible orchestration-based approach.

One of the key features of LINKS RSU is its ability to host third-party containerized applications, facilitating seamless interaction via RESTful APIs with the ITS communication stack developed by LINKS. This capability not only enhances the versatility of the RSU but also enables the integration of various services and functionalities tailored to specific needs. Moreover, remote monitoring and management are simplified through a graphical dashboard, providing administrators with comprehensive oversight and control over the RSU deployment.

In addition to its communication capabilities, LINKS RSU is equipped with advanced sensor technology, including a camera and LiDAR, to gather detailed information from the surrounding environment. These sensors enable the RSU to automatically detect, track, and predict the movements of vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRUs), enhancing overall situational awareness and safety on the road. Furthermore, the RSU can provide valuable statistics such as vehicle classification and counting, facilitating traffic management and optimization efforts.

The integration of 5G connectivity ensures high-speed and low-latency communication, laying the groundwork for advanced applications such as autonomous driving and cooperative collision avoidance. Furthermore, the support for both ITS-G5 and C-V2X communications standards ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicles and infrastructure, enabling seamless interoperability and collaboration across different transportation networks.

Overall, LINKS RSU represents a cutting-edge solution for enhancing safety, efficiency, and connectivity in transportation systems. Its modular design, advanced sensor capabilities, and support for next-generation communication technologies make it a valuable asset for Smart Cities, transportation authorities, and infrastructure operators seeking to leverage the power of connected and autonomous vehicles.


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Value proposition.

  • Ready-to-use camera and LiDAR
  • On-board and/or edge-level data processing
  • Modular solution
  • Applications for Cooperative Mobility
  • Part of LINKS Vehicular Communication Ecosystem
  • Made in Italy


  • Collaboration with companies for research and technology transfer

  • Promote the solution towards local agencies, smart cities, mobility, and transportation agencies

  • New projects and collaboration with scientific organizations increasing maturity and flexibility