Public-private-partnership for Social and Solidarity Economy

Start Date: 03/04/2023
End Date: 31/03/2026

3P4SSE addresses regional socioeconomic gaps within CE cooperation area, strengthening Social & Solidarity Economies (SSEs), by promoting multilevel governance models based on Public-Private Partnership scheme (3Ps). The adoption of an international strategy and a MoU will encourage the clusterisation of SSE actors, both promoting mutual learning on the diverse institutional approaches, and favouring the regional convergence. In the scope of the project, LINKS coordinates and leads the first work package, providing the consortium with its expertise on regional/local planning and social innovation. LINKS researchers are responsible for developing e coordinating Activity 1.1 & Activity 1.2 regarding the definition of a common understanding and framework on SSEs and 3Ps and the best practices analysis, preparatory for the common strategy design and adoption (O1.1). Furthermore, in order to facilitate the consistency of activities included in WP2, LINKS researchers collaborates in reviewing Local Action Plans (A.2.3), developed within each pilot area, supporting project partners in technical and scientific aspects’ drafting.