Strategic Marketing & Innovation Services.

Strategic Marketing & Innovation Services (SMI) operates within its own lines of action, on the one hand with external partners and customers and, on the other, provides internal services to support the Management and Research Domains. It aims to enhance the research results of LINKS by operating in synergy with the strategic lines outlined by the Shareholders, Governance, Management and the Management Committee.
SMI, in particular, supports the definition of the Foundation’s positioning, the enhancement of assets and knowledge sharing, and carries out networking and building partnerships and ecosystem projects. It also deals with the enhancement of resources and talents, finally making the Foundation’s action systematized and measurable.

Within this organizational unit, the Ecosystem Partnership & Open Innovation action line aims to support networking, the construction of lasting and profitable relationships with the ecosystem players, the coordination of Open Innovation actions and the development and support in ecosystem projects.

The Knowledge & Asset Valorization activities aim to contribute to enhancing LINKS ‘research assets and results and to represent a center of competence for research activities on exploitation and replicability.

The Scouting & Trend innovation action line aims to identify new innovative companies and technological and market trends, as well as, starting from the activities for customers and partners, internally capitalize on the experiences and results obtained.

Finally, the unit goes on its activity within the Talent Management program, in agreement with the Head of SMI and with the Resource Development function, to support the Foundation in the proposal of tools for the enhancement, attraction and “retention “Of human resources.