LINKS, together with 31 partners from 15 European and non-European countries, has been chosen to run the JUST STREETS Horizon project, implementing innovative mobility strategies in 12 cities for the next four years. Partner cities are Amsterdam (Netherlands), Braga (Portugal), Cugir (Romania), Haifa (Israel), Kozani (Greece), Milan (Italy), Riga (Latvia), Southwark (UK), Vilnius (Lithuania), Vratsa (Bulgaria), Westminster (UK), and Zaragoza (Spain).

The project focuses on developing streets shaped by active mobility that are both sustainable and inclusive for all citizens. This shift from the use of cars towards more active modes of mobility will be led by prioritizing the needs and visions of marginalized social groups, particularly women, migrants, the elderly, LGBTQI+ individuals, and people with disabilities.

“Focusing on making active modes of mobility work for the most vulnerable groups in our cities will ultimately make them an attractive choice for all citizens. And this is critical if we want to succeed with the mobility transformation that needs to happen in our cities”, says Giulia Melis, JUST STREETS’ project coordinator from Turin-based LINKS Foundation.

Goal of the strong international consortium is to empower 12 cities as frontrunners in transforming existing streets into just, equal, and human-centered spaces for active mobility, particularly bicycles. JUST STREETS is not only about change; it is about a transformative and systemic shift in perspective when planning and designing public space.