LINKS Foundation joined, as Associate Member, the EBN – European Business and Innovation Centre Network, a not-for-profit organisation that serves a pan-European community of companies and professionals using innovation as driver for economic, sustainable, and social development. EBN’s initiatives include EU|BIC certification, development and distribution of business support programmes, the facilitation and creation of partnerships, as well as training and networking.

The association, which boasts 165 members from 35 countries and over 630 business experts & partners, covers all sectors of technological innovation and deep tech. Its focus is on the exchange of best practices and collaborative activities aimed at supporting and defining services for startups, spin-offs, and SMEs. For LINKS, the objective is the construction and consolidation of fruitful relationships with entities that can complement the Research Domains in technology transfer and innovation.

By joining EBN, LINKS will actively pursue the following actions:

  • Contribute to and facilitate the establishment of consortia for joint projects
  • Provide advanced technological expertise and knowledge, integrating those of the majority of other partners within the EBN network
  • Strengthen key competencies in the field of technology transfer and innovation services for SMEs and startups
  • Utilize its central role within the innovation ecosystem, making the ecosystem available to the EBN network to create synergies