Health and Agrifood Technology Valle d’Aosta.

Start Date: 01/07/2015
End Date: 31/12/2018
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HEART VdA is an agrifood project led by the Regional Agricultural Institute of Aosta and the other partners are RAVA (Structures protected areas – department of agriculture), National Interuniversity Consortium for Information Technology (CINI), eSpace eLab Srls and ARPA.

The project has a scientific research program for the study and enhancement of products from the Valle d’Aosta area that stands out for its climatic characteristics and quality. The agri-food sector in the Valle d’Aosta is an important player for territorial development, especially as regards the preservation of the landscape, the hydrogeological balance and, not least, biodiversity.

In Italy as in Europe, the agri-food market is one of the most important sectors and innovation plays a crucial role in maintaining a high level of competitiveness and favoring the market for traditional quality products. In particular, the HEART VdA program develops a three three-year research projects that are: Innovation in Agrifood VdA, Dairy Product and By-Product and Green Data Platform. The last one is proposed as a technological platform to support the other two projects, and is structured in such a way that it can effectively meet the needs and requirements of the various partners.

Green Data Platform is a project that involves the construction of an autonomous detection system capable of measuring physical and environmental parameters, and transmitting data through an innovative module based on reconfigurable antennas. This system involves the measurement of agri-environmental variables such as solar radiation (PAR, UV-A, UV-B), temperature, air humidity, water stress, and will be equipped with a pre-processing module based on Low Power technology Computing and powered by solar energy.For the experimentation three sites of the IAR have been identified: Regione Cossan (vineyard), Saraillon (apple orchard)) and Mont Fleury (pasture). A cloud computing platform will also be able to host services for the management, processing and display of data in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode.