Implementation of Sustainable Land Use in Integrated Environmental Management of Functional Urban Areas.

Start Date: 01/05/2016
End Date: 30/04/2019
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The project, financed within the INTERREG Central Europe Cooperation Programme, will last 3 years and is divided in 5 working Packages:

  1. WP Management;
  2. WP Communication;
  3. WPT1 Methodology and identification of common terms;
  4. WPT2 Definition of tools and pilot actions for each Functional Urban Area (FUA);
  5. WPT3 Pilot Actions in each FUA.

LINKS is leader of the WPC and participates to different activities within the thematic WPs.
During the project, the partnership of cities and regions, environmental agencies and research institutions develop integrated “Functional Areas Integrated Environmental Management Strategies” in 7 pilot areas in Central Europe.

The main results of the project are: the definition of a shared methodology for the management of Functional Urban Areas at European Level and the identification of a set of solutions for the management of complex inter-municipal areas for Turin metropolitan City.
The outputs include planning strategies with innovative technologies supported by citizen participation. Local stakeholders will initiate pilot projects by using new interactive information tools developed by project partners.
The applied concept of ecosystem services will support the assessment and decision-making process.
Implementation will be based on agreed action plans and pilot /demonstration projects for land and soil, including creating an informational foundation and tools for the management of urban-peri-urban relationships.
Action plans will include financial instruments and institutional solutions e.g. land management agencies or permanent inter-municipal working groups.


LUMAT project has received funding from the European Union’s Interreg Central Europe programme