Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region.

Start Date: 17/04/2018
End Date: 16/04/2021
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SaMBA aims to promote mobility behaviour change in the Alpine Space (AS) area by reducing the perceived gap between sustainable transport modes and private cars through reward/pricing policies that are equitable and directly related to the external costs of transport. SaMBA brings together 13 partners, 41 observers and 9 pilot cases from 5 countries in order to develop, through a participative and cooperative approach:

  1. policy impact estimation method and tool;
  2. policy recommendations which consider territorial peculiarities and different needs of people;
  3. handbook for policy implementation.

The main AS decision makers and stakeholders will be involved throughout the project in order to ensure SaMBA’s transnational impact regarding:

  1. the improvement of awareness in Public Administrations (PAs) about the potential of behaviour change policies;
  2. the promotion, elaboration and implementation of harmonised policies throughout the AS area and their transferability to other contexts;
  3. the modal shift towards sustainable transport options in the pilot cases and in AS areas beyond the project.
The SaMBA project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme