LINKS and Eclipse Foundation are organizing the ECLIPSE SAM IoT 2020, a conference supported by the BRAIN-IoT project that is coordinated by Enrico Ferrera from the Internet of Things and Pervasive Technologies Area.

The conference aims to bring together experts and researchers who are working and facing issues in every aspect of the IoT (Internet of Things) domain, especially focusing on relevant Artificial Intelligence techniques as well as Security and Privacy approaches. The event will provide an overview of the recent results that will be presented to the research community, the industry and standardization bodies and it will be a place for exchanging ideas for joint research activities in the future.

In fact, the adoption of IoT is drastically increasing in every application domain, contributing to the rapid digitalization of contemporary society. Current IoT scenarios are characterized by constantly increasing demands in terms of non-functional requirements, from low latency to high reliability, dependability, and dynamic resources allocation.

This paradigm shift, also considered as the next evolutionary phase of IoT, is expected to create numerous opportunities for the technology market supporting applications in multiple areas, i.e. Smart Factories, Smart Cities, Critical Infrastructures, Cooperative Service Robotics, etc.

To cope with these demanding requirements, a multitude of novel technologies – such as Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Digital Twin, as well as Security, Privacy and Trust schemes – are being investigated in order to be adopted in current IoT architectures standards, identifying efficient integration schemes with proper design patterns. Hence, designing and managing the next generation of IoT-based systems is set to become even more complex.

The virtual conference will take place on September 17-18, 2020, with paper submissions due July 22: the Call for Papers is already available and the main focuses are Security and Privacy, Artificial Intelligence and Modelling in Internet of Things domain.