Today and tomorrow, representatives of the 29 consortium members and a panel of European Commission reviewers are attending the final review meeting of the Horizon2020 research project MONICA. By teleconference, in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions.

After more than three years of activity, the project demonstrated in six major cities in Europe how IoT technologies, wearable devices and audio/video systems can be used to support the management of security, sound and noise during large open-air urban events, engaging thousands of people.

MONICA solutions were deployed and tested during some of the most internationally known events in Europe, such as Fête des Lumières in Lyon, cricket and rugby matches in Leeds stadium and the open-air concerts of “Friday Rocks”, in Tivoli’s Garden of Copenhagen, “Woodstower” and “Nuites Sonores” in Lyon.

The project had an important impact in the Piedmont territory, thanks to the participation of several local stakeholders representing the whole value chain from supply to demand; such as, LINKS Foundation, City of Turin, TIM, Movement Entertainment and DIGYSKY. Their collaboration at local level provided an improvement in sound and security management, in the context of Kappa FuturFestival, held in Parco Dora in Turin, and “Movida” in the San Salvario district of Turin.

The “IoT & Pervasive Technologies” Area of LINKS was the technical coordinator of the whole project and contributed to the IoT Platform development, and, together with “Data Science Applications” Area contributed to the development of a real time situation awareness and anomaly detection module.
Furthermore, the “International Trends and Opportunities” Function managed the activities related to the scalability and replicability of MONICA solutions in contexts different from the ones addressed by the project.