Connected Systems & Cybersecurity.

The Connected Systems & Cybersecurity division is concerned with technologies of the ICT world relating to connected cyber-physical systems (CSP), such as the processing of data from sensors, service robotics, drones and ground robots. Developed themes include: semantic interoperability between heterogeneous devices and sub-systems; development of multi-agent approaches and modelling of behavioural logic to support the distribution of intelligence (swarm intelligence) between different IoT/CPS devices and sub-systems; low power and data rate wireless networks, IoT/CPS platforms and solutions; and the use of data analysis techniques integrated with decision science solutions to enable predictive approaches and the optimization of industrial processes.
Another important application element are wireless technologies (the application and optimization of Wi-Fi and 5G wireless networks) and related innovative architectures (SDN, MEC) in heterogeneous contexts, first of all in vehicles and Industry 4.0.
The focus of the research is the cybersecurity of industrial systems and objects, and working on the identification and analysis of threats and vulnerabilities of current connected systems, in order to design opportune and effective defence solutions. Activities also focus on the digital identity of connected objects, in order to ensure the mutual authentication of sources, the integrity and confidentiality of communications, and to facilitate the implementation of authorization mechanisms, a central issue in industrial digitization. The team is responsible for the Cyber ​​Range cybersecurity laboratory and the Robotics laboratory.