Claudio Rossi, researcher of the Data Science For Industrial & Societal Applications Area, is participating in the biennial European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) conference (, which takes place in Lisbon (Portugal) from May 28th to 31st.

Climate change is considered by many to be the challenge of the 21st century: the urgency and severity of this challenge call for integrated ways of looking at responses to reduce the risks associated with environmental and social stressors and ensure a secure future for humans and ecosystems.
Adapting to climate change requires a coordinated and synergistic approach from a diverse range of actors across sectors, as well as questioning assumptions about the drivers of risk, vulnerability and environmental change.

This 4th ECCA Conference aims to:

  • Provide a space that facilitates a dialogue among a diverse range of actors from academia, government, business and community on the multiple aspects of climate change adaptation
  • Promote the communication and knowledge exchange between researchers, policymakers and practitioners
  • Find integrated solutions and inspire action
  • Support ongoing efforts to enhance the coherence and synergy between CCA and DRR research, policy and practice
  • Discuss key challenges and solutions in cities
  • Provide a stage for presenting European’s excellence on Research & Innovation for CCA
  • Inform the next European funding framework for Research & Innovation


Claudio Rossi will perform, during this event, the following activities: