The MONSOON project, funded under the European call SPIRE-02-2016 and coordinated by the LINKS Foundation in the person of Claudio Pastrone – head of the Internet of Things and Pervasive Technologies Area, has successfully concluded in recent months.

Other two Areas were involved in the project: Photonics & Wireless Solutions and International Trends & Opportunities.

For the very innovative and current topics related to digitalization in industry through IoT and AI, the MONSOON project was recognized as a precursor in the field of optimization of production processes.

In particular, the project was selected by the European Commission together with 13 other projects to tell and share the remarkable results achieved in Artificial Intelligence for industry in the article “Artificial Intelligence: Turbocharging European industry“.

The MONSOON project – MOdel-based coNtrol framework for Site-wide OptimizatiON of data-intensive processes – has developed a data-oriented methodology and a platform to identify and solve process optimization problems through IoT solutions for the interoperability and data collection from the field and the application of data analysis techniques and Artificial Intelligence (e.g. machine learning and predictive control). MONSOON offers a platform to allow the design, development and testing of algorithms to make predictions, identify anomalies and possible failures in industrial processes and also have real-time Life-Cycle-Assessment indicators related to the same processes. In addition, MONSOON provides a decision support system based on the Life-Cycle Assessment indicators of the process, which suggests changes on the control and optimization of the use of the machines.

This system has been validated in two application scenarios made available by two large process industry companies in the sectors of plastic extrusion (GLN Plast – Portugal) and primary aluminum production (Aluminum Pechiney / Rio Tinto – France).

The partners involved were 11 from 7 different European countries: LINKS and Life Cycle Engineering from Italy (Turin); FRAUNHOFER FIT and Kunststoff-Institut Luedenscheid from Germany (Bonn, Ludenscheid); Center for Research and Technology-Hellas from Greece (Thessaloniki); Technical University of Kosice from Slovakia (Kosice); Aluminum Pechiney (of the Rio Tinto group), Probayes and Capgemini Technology Services from France (Voreppe, Suresnes, Montbonnot Saint-Martin); GLN Plast from Portugal (Maceira) and Spanish Association for Standardization from Spain (Madrid).

The in-depth information on MONSOON – “An innovative AI platform to boost resource and energy efficiency” – is available on Cordis Europa.