Internet of Food & Farm 2020.

Start Date: 01/01/2017
End Date: 31/12/2020
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The internet of things (IoT) has a revolutionary potential. A smart web of sensors, actuators, cameras, robots, drones and other connected devices, allows for an unprecedented level of control and automated decision-making.

The Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) project explores the potential of IoT-technologies for the European food and farming industry. The goal is ambitious: to make precision farming a reality and to take a vital step towards a more sustainable food value chain. With the help of IoT technologies higher yields, pesticide and fertilizer use will drop and overall efficiency is optimized. IoT technologies also enable better traceability of food, leading to increased food safety. 19 use-cases organized around 5 trials (arable, dairy, fruits, meat and vegetables) develop, test and demonstrate IoT technologies in an operational farm environment all over Europe.

The first project review, which took place in October 2018, has highlighted the positive contribution that the project has already brought to the various involved sectors in terms of collaboration between the various European partners, development of innovative and reusable solutions, and, consequently, achievement of the objectives of each individual use case. IoF2020 uses a “lean multi-actor” approach focusing on user acceptability, stakeholder engagement and the development of sustainable business models.

IoF2020 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 731884