HPC Big DAta ArtifiCial intelligence cross stack PlatfoRm TOwardS ExaScale

Start Date: 01/03/2021
End Date: 29/02/2024
Web Site: https://www.acrossproject.eu/

Starting on 1st March 2021, the project ACROSS will run for a 3-year period with a total budget of €8.8 million. Funding of €4 million is provided by Horizon 2020, the Research and Innovation funding programme of the EU, supplemented by grants from national funding authorities and contributions of the partners. ACROSS is a consortium composed of 13 partners from 8 European countries and is coordinated by LINKS.

ACROSS project will co-design and develop an HPC, BD, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) convergent platform, supporting applications in the Aeronautics, Climate and Weather, and Energy domains. To this end, ACROSS will leverage on next generation of preexascale infrastructures, still being ready for exascale systems, and on effective mechanisms to easily describe and manage complex workflows in these three domains. Energy efficiency will be achieved by massive use of specialized hardware accelerators, monitoring running systems and applying smart mechanisms of scheduling jobs. ACROSS will combine traditional HPC techniques with Artificial Intelligence, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and Big Data analytic techniques to enhance the application test case outcomes. The performance of Machine Learning and Deep Learning will be accelerated by using dedicated hardware devices. ACROSS will also promote cooperation with other EU initiatives (e.g., BDVAEPI) and future EuroHPC projects to foster the adoption of exascale-level computing among test case domain stakeholders.