On June 24th Marco Pini, head of the Space and Navigation Technologies area, presented a paper on ROOT project at the IEEE MetroAeroSpace 2021, an international meeting place in the world of research in the field of metrology for aerospace involving national and international institutions and academia in a discussion on the state-of-the-art concerning issues that require a joint approach by experts of measurement instrumentation and industrial testing.

The project, managed and funded by the EU Agency for the Space Programme – EUSPA, aims to experimentally assess the benefit introduced by Galileo authenticated signals in the specific context of the synchronization of 5G telecommunication networks.

Marco presented the paper “Satellite-derived Time for Enhanced Telecom Networks Synchronization: the ROOT Project” on behalf of the whole Consortium. The paper presents the project, its main activities and the ROOT approach in using the timing component of Global Navigation Satellite Systems signals to improve telecommunication networks synchronization, in particular for 5G networks.