Claudio Rossi and Giacomo Falcone, from the Mobile Solutions Research Area, will perform a demonstration of the I-REACT Project in Barcelona, Spain, the 9th October. The demonstration scenarios include rain-induced riverine flood and wildfires.

Aim of the workshop is to facilitate the interaction between I-REACT partners and end users from the expert and community level from a country with an existing / developed warning system, and to enable Spanish participants to consider the added-value of enhanced cyber technologies for their own use.

The I-REACT goal is to improve resilience to emergencies through advanced cyber technologies in order to help society in becoming more resilient to crises arising before, during and after emergency events. It aims to provide increased resilience to natural disasters through better analysis and anticipation, effective and fast emergency response, increased awareness and citizen engagement achieved by better integration of existing emergency management systems and multiple data sources.

Whilst it can offer an “end to end” solution where necessary, in practice I-REACT comprises a flexible range of tools that enables it to be adapted to support existing structures and systems without duplication. This allows different end users to adopt different elements of I-REACT capability, at different times, to suit their local circumstances and needs.

For example, in countries with limited existing data, I-REACT can provide the essential building blocks, information and systems necessary to support improved management of any crisis. Countries with highly developed systems and multiple data streams face a different challenge, i.e. distilling vast quantities of data into useable information and ensuring that timely and accurate guidance can be issued to responders and the public.

Indeed, it is in a complex, fast moving, and “data rich” environments that I-REACT can add most value, supporting decision makers at multiple levels, and ensuring that responders and the public have access to accurate, actionable and authoritative information in a timely manner.

Download here the leaflet of the workshop.