On the 16th of March ETSI will organize a Webinar called “Multi-access Edge Computing in Action for Application Developers – special insights from the MEC Hackathons”, within which will be presented the MEC Hackathon, an event to be held in Turin on November 25 and 26 and, at the same time, the MEC Location API developed by LINKS.

LINKS is one of the co-organizers of the Hackathon and has developed a MEC Location API simulator that will run on the Intel MEC Platform. The MEC Location APIs provide a way to know the location of the mobile users connected to a 4G/5G base station: in order to exploit this API in your app/program, you need to have access to a real MEC environment (inside an operator working mobile network).

The simulator provided by LINKS to the hackathon participants will provide, with the same APIs, the simulated path of various users. In this way, developers can code their application in a controlled environment and then use it in a real one without the need of changing the code.

LINKS in addition to presenting the simulator, will provide some practical examples on how to use it for the Hackathon participants and for any other developer interested in this topic.

To register and participate in the webinar: https://bit.ly/38pHUih