On the 6th of February, the Autopilot Final Event “A Glimpse in to the future: IoT for Autonomous Driving”, will be held in Versailles, Paris (France).

The Photonics and Wireless Solution and the IoT and Pervasive Technologies Areas will present, together with the partners involved in the Italian Pilot Site, a demo showing the results of 3 years of experimentations.

Specifically, the LINKS smart traffic light will be presented: it can detect Vulnerable Road User thanks to a camera and send warnings to the automated vehicles if pedestrians are jaywalking.

Moreover, LINKS will present its algorithm to detect potholes, bumps and the road surface status. All these data are sent to the cloud and can be used, by other automated vehicles, to approach possible dangerous situations at the right speed.

The Automated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things – AUTOPILOT – project brings IoT into the automotive world to transform connected vehicles — moving ”things” in the IoT ecosystem — into highly and fully automated vehicles.

While using the IoT potential for automated driving, AUTOPILOT also makes data from autonomous cars available to the Internet-of-Things.