Cyber Range.

LINKS has a Cybersecurity laboratory designed and developed in collaboration with the CINI National Cybersecurity Laboratory to use as a Cyber Range, a secure and legal environment where to acquire competences in attack and defence of connected systems. The Cyber Range is a hybrid environment that conjugates virtual environments and real physical systems to grant an evaluation of security level in a controlled environment without impacting production systems.
The Cyber Range is the ideal environment for LINKS foundation research activities that aim to develop a technical-methodological approach for the protection of connected systems and at the same time a flexible environment where to develop new practical Cybersecurity competences.
The Cyber Range is furthermore a laboratory open to Foundation partner businesses to evaluate together the security level of their connected systems and develop/test the most appropriate protection solutions. Better yet, the Cyber Range is the ideal place where partner businesses can think and develop new connected systems focusing security requisites and specifications from the earliest development steps of the system (Security-by-Design).