The idea of SINTEC is that with its dynamic compliance and water repellent permeable encapsulation the soft, sticky and stretchable smart patch will withstand vigorous action, sweating and water, making it ideal for an active life. Its unique features will enable a ground breaking intra body communication technique that provides secure communication at large bandwidth and low power, allowing for multiplex sensoric inputs from many sensor nodes on the body.



The depopulation and aging of mountain communities, associated with the disappearance of family support networks, isolation and unfavourable socio-economic conditions, are one of the most important priority both in Tarentaise and Valle d’Aosta that require a cross-border approach and the experimentation of innovative models of proximity services that bring a real improvement in social and health welfare.



The LEXIS (Large-Scale EXecution for Industry & Society) project aims to build an advanced, geographically- distributed, HPC infrastructure for the convergence between Big Data (BD) analytics and High Performance Computing (HPC) within three targeted large scale pilot test-beds (Aeronautics turbomachinery and rotating parts design, Weather forecast and Tsunami/earthquake detection).



The internet of things (IoT) has a revolutionary potential. A smart web of sensors, actuators, cameras, robots, drones and other connected devices, allows for an unprecedented level of control and automated decision-making.



VISCA is a 3-years R&I project co-funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union that aims to make the European wine industries resilient to climate changes, minimizing costs and risks through an improvement of the production management (quality and quantity of final product), while evaluating its replicability to other high-added value agriculture sectors.



MUV levers behavioral change in local communities using an innovative approach to improve urban mobility: changing citizens’ mobility habits through a game that mixes digital and physical experiences. Rather than focus on costly and rapidly ageing urban infrastructures, MUV promotes a shift towards more sustainable and healthy mobility choices by engaging in a positive way local communities, local businesses and policymakers.