Innovation Management and Public Policies.

LINKS promotes a market approach process through Innovation Management activities, starting with next generation technological solutions. Innovation management contributes to understanding the constantly changing context (society and market) where the technology LINKS develops will end up in. In such a process the interaction and continuous contact with the ecosystem of external actors is fundamental, for they can on one hand support specific actions on the territory and on the other enjoy the products and services offered by the foundation.
Innovation Management activities want to promote product, service and process improvement in order to contribute to the progress of society and favour the handling of change towards sustainable development.

The Journey from the Lab to the Market (JLM) was defined during the last ten years through the participation to financial projects and through consultation services towards private businesses. This methodology is a tool to support businesses in projects and allows them to understand how to transform research results (developed “in the laboratory”) into market-ready products and/or services, sources of revenue and competitive advantage. This tool has, furthermore, an important role in the Foundation in order to promote the exploitation of results and facilitate the technological transfer progress.

The following image summarizes the main phases of JLM.

LINKS Foundation offers strategical and technological innovation support to institutions in Public Administration (PA) and subjects in the tertiary branch, trade associations included. Digital transformation of the public sector forms a specific branch of activities, focusing on such themes as mobility, transportation, healthcare, public spaces and works, and in general the many services offered by PA institutions. We provide support tools for informed decisions and evaluation of effects in order to ease the policy maker’s decisional process.
LINKS guides local institutions through predisposition and implementation of planning documents and strategic planning. We analyse public policies by constantly monitoring the regional, national and international policy landscape on specific themes, looking at the evolution of political priorities and at the main underway technological evolutions.