Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyle.

Wellbeing is a pivotal topic in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, with research activities that look at wellbeing and the promotion of actions that contribute to the adoption of healthy lifestyles and inclusion procedures, aimed at citizens and businesses.

The activities include research, development and integration of technology that aims to support and monitor health and to encourage the implementation of healthier and more active lifestyles.

Here’s the themes we analyse while developing projects for a better quality of life:

  • sport as a vector of territorial development, integration and healthy lifestyles;
  • healthy and active aging, from the vantage point of research on new technology and systems to monitor health (the state of complete physical, cognitive and social wellbeing) and to promote healthier behaviour;
  • territorial welfare, a subsidiarity model aimed at experimenting and implementing services that want to raise awareness about health and correct lifestyles and to improve wellbeing in the job compartment, focusing in particular on technological instruments and on the worker’s sustainable behaviour.

We also make research about the application of technological innovation and digital transformation of the healthcare system in order to improve the efficiency of structures and patient life quality through ICT solutions for telemedicine, cognitive and physical wellbeing, biometric and biomedical signals analysis, cure of chronic diseases and rehabilitation.

The technology is tried out and made available for the scientific community and for the local community.